Wedding Diary - Ring Ceremony

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Hello people
Welcome to Rocket Looks !!!
You guys must be getting bore reading about my family functions again and again, but today I will reveal everything with the pictures. Some of you will find it very interesting how colorful Indian weddings are.

Indian weddings are all about huge gathering, delicious food, numerous rituals and traditions. Pre wedding functions start a week before marriage.
Wedding is the most important day of everyone's life, and we Indians celebrate it from the bottom of our heart. Ring ceremony is the beginning of this relationship where bride and groom exchange their rings, and their families exchange gifts. Yes you heard it right, grooms family gift their would be daughter in law so many gifts like gold jewellery, sarees, anklets, sweets and many more, same is with brides family, they also offer so many gifts to their would be son in law. Then the event followed by lavish lunch or dinner.

Ok, now I won't make you bore again with stories, let's come on the lovely pictures of engagement ceremony, which you are earnestly waiting. Enjoy the post with wonderful pictures.

Groom’s friends gang
Gifts for Bride to be.

Here Comes Me with Bride (Ruchika)

Me with Hubby (Hemant)

Our Beautiful Bride

Me with Ring Ceremony Tray
Happily Engaged
WE :)
Time for couple to shake a leg together

A complete Family :)
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Rebecca Mclellan said...

How very beautiful. Looks like a wonderful family time. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Carlyn Bullock said...

So beautiful - I love all the color! With a smile, Carlyn

Raising Samuels said...

Congratulations to your family! It looks like it was a great day and so much fun! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

Rocket Looks said...

Thanku Rebecca for such a nice comment :-)
Thanks Carly :-) Indian weddings are so colourful.
Yes it has been a great beginning of new relationship with a new family. @Raising Samuels

Karen said...

Lovely photos! Indian weddings are such a great celebration. Thanks for sharing with the #BlogFair.

Lela Burris said...

Beautiful ceremony! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday. So happy you joined the party!

Whitney said...

The dresses are so beautiful! I would love to attend an Indian wedding!

Rocket Looks said...

Yes indeed Karen, Indian weddings are very colourful.
Thanku Lela for stopping by.
Oh sure Whitney, let me know, I will guide you in purchasing Indian wear.

Leah B. said...

*swooning at all the romance and beauty* Bored, who's bored? Not me! I want to hear everything! I was confused there for a second, because I haven't read your blog before - found you via High Latitude Style's linkup - and I thought you were the bride! And then my next thought was "wait, why isn't she wearing red?"

Duh, I answered my own question when I kept scrolling.

Glad it was such a fun time, and all my best to the happy couple!