I am really glad that you dropped by my little space on the internet and also because I could meet you (well , virtually !)
Welcome to Rocket Looks.
I am Ritu Sharma(read with prefix Mrs) from Delhi but now shifted to Gurgaon.

By profession I am Engineer. But I fancy calling myself a blogger, DIYer, traveler,cook and last but not least true lover of fashion & lifestyle.

After attending several lectures from schooling to college(study lecture I mean),working a year in a MNC, I knew it was time to pause and look at other things I loved to do.Simultaneously while looking at many fashion bloggers and keeping the pics on my phone or pinterest, I realized its high time to start my own blog and motivate/influence people to be in style always.
Well my friends are ever ready to show their fashionista skills too.So we(me+friends) are gonna post reviews of anything and everything which we use mainly about Clothing, Crafts and Beauty related products.

Not only fashion but cooking too had become one of my favorite hobby to spend some time  with spoon and knives and that is solely because of my husband only.He is total foodie and loves his wife cooking whatever she prepare.Same is the scenario with my married friends also,day by day we are getting perfect in cooking skills too,So in total we can say it will be a Multitalented ladies blog.

Well, I have told you a little myself and the blog and if you want to know more about me and my friends,tag along with us on our wonderful journey and do tell us how was your day whenever you are visiting this page!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog,as much as I enjoy writing it !!!!

For any query or suggestion my Email ID :  sritu2508@gmail.com