An Exquisite Art by Rashmi Bhardwaj

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Hello people
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It's been months since I have posted any craft project. Very much occupied in household stuff, but Rashmi has come as savior to me.
We were in same college during our graduation, but never talked to each other, as she was from different discipline, but once she added this quiling art of her, i could not resist myself to talk to her.
i was feeling very disappointed that i missed so many creative projects of her, but never mind. Now we can enjoy her creative and innovative projects.

By profession, she is an engineer, worked in MNC with full dedication and hard work, then surrendered her beautiful life to his loving husband, and who wouldn't do it happily when you get a smart, intelligent and caring husband.They both were from Rajasthan, a very traditional and rich cultured family and now shifted to Singapore, a high tech digital city. And she has grasped this sudden diversity very beautifully and started enjoying her life with full enthusiasm.
She loves to spend her most of time making crafts projects, watching movies, exploring nature and making new friends in the beautiful land of cute people like her.

I have became fan of her projects and insisted her to showcase her talent to more people so that people can appreciate and get motivated by her.Not only crafts she is also good in cooking and started learning singapore cuisine also, hopefully will get the chance to showcase that talent soon.

 Now coming to her work. Today I will share her quilling project.Quilling is an art in which artist create beautiful designs by shaping and gluing small strips of paper. It can be used to make greeting cards, paintings, gift decoration, jewellery and many more. It's an art which require lot of patience, hard work, neatness and huge amount of time which results in explicitly beautiful piece of craft.
You only need few items to make this beautiful art.
  • Quilling strips, which are readily available in market or you can cut by your own with some precision.It has two sides, one is shiny, glossy and one is rough. So when you fold it, always keep glossy side outside.
  • Quilling tool, which helps you to fold the strips in different shapes like tear, drop, leaf, square, rectangle etc.
  • Quilling needle, which helps you to give accurate spacing to your different shapes or designs.
  • Glue, any good quality so that you can complete the design.
  • Scissor
You can buy the whole kit from Here.

So let's start the project with step by step pictures, thanks to Rashmi that she has captured everything in pictures. Every picture says thousand words, and it truly justifies here. Just by seeing them you will get the whole idea of making this project.

Take a strip and quilling tool, and start to fold the strip with the help of it bending inwards. Don't forget to keep the glossy side outside.Once the whole strip is folded,it will be like coil, then gently loose the coil a bit. Once done pinch the coil from one side, and you will get the shape of tear drop, then seal the ends with glue.

All the shapes are made in same manner, make a coil, allow some loosening, pinch and stick the ends according to desired shapes.
To make this flower, you need to take little big strip first, then make cuts on the whole strip at equal distances. Cuts should be made horizontally but only till half length. Then start making coil and stick the ends, no need to loose it. Once folded spread the edges outwards, and you will get this beautiful flower.
Once you are done with all the designs, just take a hard board sheet and start placing them according to your liking, you will get this beautiful art at the end. You yourself wont believe that you have made this intrinsic beauty

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Lynda H said...

That is just beautiful! Thank you so much for the clear instructions - I've often wondered how quilling is done. I'd love if it you'd link up with the Awesome Life Friday party starting tonight!

Rocket Looks said...

Yay I would love to party with you too Lynda, anyways Thanku so much for your appreciation :-)

LV said...

Lovely, but I would never have the patience to do that.

April J Harris said...

Your friend is very talented indeed! What a beautiful craft project. I have never tried quilling but your tutorial is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

Lisa Healy said...

I have an artist friend who does quilling, but she uses recycled materials (like old magazines or newspapers). I've always thought it was so cool!

Lela Burris said...

Wow! This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

Rocket Looks said...

Thanks Again Lela :-)
Yeah it's an great idea to use scrapped things @Lisa
Thanku so much April J Harris.
Hehehehe no problem LV, you try recipes from my blog, they are bit easier than this project.

Something Crunchy Mummy said...

That is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing on #justanotherlinky xx

Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Beautiful, I've never heard of quilling. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup.

Rocket Looks said...

Thanks Tanya, quilling is an beautiful paper art, which requires patience and hardwork to yield good results.

Minkamo said...

This is a beautiful quilling paper art work! Compliments!
I like quilling, but must admit, I myself haven't tried it so far. Maybe some time... ;-)

Christina Morley said...

It looks like a lot of patience and time is required. Your creations are truly beautiful. Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

Raising Samuels said...

How fun to share this beautiful craft with a friend! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

Rocket Looks said...

Yes give it a try, though requires lots of hard work but the end results are marvellous.
Yes need lots of patience and hardwork